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"Even when I try, I still get stares."

My name is Ian. I'm in 11th grade and I'm 17 years old. The reason I want to be a Mover is because of something I feel is very important to me and important to people like me. Black people very often in this country aren't capable of existing in white spaces and often times we are discriminated against unfairly. We are viewed as an other and as a threat to people. It manifests as people calling the police on us for no reason whatsoever. You see it all the time on social media with black people having the police called on them for barbecuing or trying to get into their apartment buildings. Personally, I've had to be very conscious of that in my daily life, walking down the street or home from my bus every day after school. I have to make sure that when I'm walking past people I'm not posturing myself in a way that gives them the idea that I'm a threat to them. Even when I try, I still get stares. I personally feel like when I go out into the world, there's constantly a chance that I could end up like people that you see on social media or, even worse, detained or killed because of how people view me. I think that coming into this election cycle, we need to focus on politicians who would push for more rigorous punishments, such as fines, for people that unjustly call the police on black people. 911 shouldn't be used as a tool whenever someone feels uncomfortable. Black people should have a chance of just existing comfortably in white spaces.

I can't vote myself because I'm going on 17 and I would just really hope that you will promise you’ll vote, for me and the issues that I want to find a solution to.





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